Unique blend on one plant. I really like this Geranium Pinto(r) Premium White to Rose. It features both flower colors on one bloom. Like, Share, Tag, or comment on any post in February ‪#‎garden‬ ‪#‎sun‬ #garden ‪#‎nj‬ ‪#‎best‬ ‪#‎center‬ ‪#‎annual‬ #garden #nj ‪#‎fullsun‬

And the winner is...This 'Red Carpet' combo is the perfect mix for a sunny garden. It contains Petunia Sanguna(r) Red, Verbena Lanai(r) Red, and Verbena Lanai(r) Candy Cane. #annual #garden #nj #hanging #basket #trailing #fullsun

New for #2015 Petunia Happy Magic Giant Dijon is a new color in Petunias. The color is a golden yellow with flecks of mustard orange. The flowers are huge. The edges of the flowers have a slightly frilly edge to them. It has a trailing habit, so it will be good in hanging baskets, or planted in the ground. I think this will work great with purples, and blues.

Wow, this is one hell (Ok its big) of a hellebore. Anna Red's flowers are almost 4" across. Perennial Great for dry shade - partial shade and Deer Resistant.

I like thinking of annuals that love the heat when its cold... It may be wishful thinking, but Scaevola, know as fan flower loves the heat. This variety is Surdiva Variegated Blue. With Cream and pink variegation. #annual ‪#‎garden‬ ‪#‎sun‬ ‪#‎deerresistant‬ #garden ‪#‎nj‬ ‪#‎best‬ ‪#‎center‬

This Alstromeria will not survive our winters, but will make a great container accent plant. The foliage will rock you! Alstromeria 'Rock and Roll' is new for 2015.

Hard to believe there are only 48 days left until Spring! Visit our facebook page for a new Contest. ‪#‎snowaway‬ I'll be posting images all of February. Like, Share, Tag, or comment on any post in February. On March 2nd I'll randomly draw five names for $20 giftcards, and one winner for a $100 Giftcard. This is a New hellebore I saw at a show this winter. Another one from the Wedding Party Series. This is 'Best Man'. Perennial Great for dry shade - partial shade and Deer Resistant.

No resting for us :-) This was a fun exhibit at we saw in Baltimore last week. The grower took a brass bed, and covered it with Spanish Moss. Pillows are made with African violets and ferns. The quilt is made of pink polka dot plant and ferns. Edged with english ivy.

What a great two weeks. I've been to Atlanta, NYC, and now on the train returning from Baltimore looking for new and exciting products for our store. This is a sneak peak of the wedding party series of Hellebores. This is 'Wedding 'Bells' a great double white form that will grow in dry shade. Deer resistant. #perennial #garden #nj #center #best #shade

Stunning. These Amaryllis just came into bloom. Wouldn't they look pretty in your home? #red #bulb #Christmas #flower #garden