New for 2014 Sweet smell of Aprhodite

Sweet blooms of Spring and Summer. Several years ago I got a test plant of Calycanthus ‘Aphrodite’ to plant in my garden. I now understand why it was named after the Goddess of love. I love this plant! Calycanthus is commonly known as Carolina allspice or spicebush. I had tried the native calycanthus in my garden before, but I was disappointed in how it performed. Aphrodite changed my opinion on having Calycanthus in my garden. ‘Aphrodite’ is a cross between Calycanthus floridus, C. chinensis, and C. occidentalis. It was bred by Tom Ranney of NC state university. It blooms on and off through Spring and Summer. The flowers are almost four inches across and are a wine colored red. At first glance at the flowers, you may think it is a Magnolia, since it is very similar in shape and look. The leaves are large and heart shaped. The leaves have a glossy sheen to them. It is an extremely vigorous grower that makes it perfect for the back of a border or as a deciduous hedge. It is a multi-stem bush and can get six to ten feet tall, depending on if you trim it or not. It’s best characteristic is the unique wonderful fragrance of the flowers. It belongs near an entrance, deck, or patio, so everyone can enjoy the flowers when in bloom. The fragrance is almost indescribable, and if you google the plant, you’ll find that many people smell different things in the fragrance. I think it smells like a fine wine, but I’ve found others describing the fragrance like strawberries, or applesauce, or sweet fruit. In stock and in bloom now! #garden #nj #shrub #summerblooms #springblooms #feralflowerphotography