Making Minion Pumpkins

To make these pumpkins you need the following supplies:

  1. Pumpkin

  2. Blue & Yellow Spray Paint

  3. Black Paint (Brush on)

  4. Mason Jar Lid(s)

  5. Roofing Nail

  6. Pipe Cleaners

1. Paint pumpkin with yellow paint as shown and allow to dry. (we used spray paint) (When dry give it a second coat)
2. Paint bottom of pumpkin with blue paint and allow to dry.temp-post-image
3. Paint black band to create goggle straps. This is where you will place the eye(s)temp-post-image
4. Take a canning jar lid and pierce a hole in the center of the lid. (get parents help)temp-post-image
5. Apply hot glue all around silver ring and hot glue lid to it; set asidetemp-post-image
6. For the hair, use the skewer to pierce holes at the top of the head and insert the pipe cleanerstemp-post-image
7. With paint or Sharpies, color in the details of the eyes; the nail will be camouflaged by the paint, or use the nail as the center of the eye Add additional details, such as the mouth, overalls etc.

  1. temp-post-image